It’s show time!


View of the studio



Well the film is finished, the research, for the time being, is complete. As you can see from the pictures Venue 33  is nearly ready to open its doors!

The Shadowland Project exhibition will open today 27thSeptember 2018 at 10am until 5pm every day until Sunday 30thSeptember. If you do manage to make it to Halsway Manor you can find me in the workshop area behind the mews building, just follow the yellow signs.

I have managed to transport the mulitplane camera, made to Lotte Reiniger’s designs, to Halsway so budding filmmakers can take a look at it. You will also be able to see the puppets I made, some of my research and, of course, the animation.

There are a couple of special events taking place over the weekend which you might like to visit; On Saturday 29thOctober at 2pm there is a ‘meet the artist event’ when I will be explaining a little more about the project to visitors and sharing some of my discoveries. As this weekend is Open Studios ‘Family Friendly weekend’ I will be making puppets with visitors on Sunday 30th. The workshops take place at 10am and 2pm and cost £10 per family but you will need to book in advance.


The Shadow Theatre is ready to show the film


I will be at the exhibition for the whole of the weekend and I always enjoy meeting with visitors and discussing the work. I really hope some of you make it over but, just in case you can’t, I will let you know how it goes – wish me luck!

Things are a little up in the air

Working on the multiplane camera with the help of my stepladder


Over the last month I have been shooting my stop motion animation to get it ready in time for the exhibition at Halsway Manor, which starts on Thursday 27thSeptember 2018. I may have mentioned that during filming I work in a very small, completely dark room for many hours – it can be quite a disorientating process but it allows me time to think the project through and really consider all that I have learnt.

There have been so many folktales and interesting finds during my residency that it has been extremely difficult to narrow the final outcome down to just three stories. However, I feel the final cut brings together elements of Ruth Tongue and Lotte Rieniger’s work and recreates a feeling of nostalgia whilst reintroducing elements of Halsway Manor’s rich folklore landscape.


Setting up for the Ruth Tongue section of the film


Whilst creating the animation I felt a sense of responsibility to the lost people and creatures that I had discovered along the way and I hope I have managed to re-establish them through my work or in the case of John Walford’s wife, Jane Shorney, create a new folktale that rights a few wrongs .The film is created in three parts and covers humour, sadness and, hopefully, a little bit of wonder. I hope you will all come and see it for yourselves.


Working in darkness – In the background you can see my computer which is used to store all of the photographs for editing


I have included a few shots of me at work on the multiplane camera stand, which I hope you find interesting. You can see that, as the camera is only accessible by stepladder, I literally spent many hours ‘in the air’ setting up the puppets and lighting. The camera is suspended over the silhouette and you can see the photographs being collected by the computer in the background.


A photograph looking down onto the multiplane from above


The photographs were taken during the shooting of Ruth Tongue’s section of the animation so I have included a very small preview of the film for you to see. This part of the film shows Ruth collecting some of her stories and in this piece you can see her meeting the ‘Gurt Worm of Shervage’. The vocals are Ruth Tongue singing ‘I want to get up the Quantocks’ which, was provided by Halsway Manor courtesy of their librarian Matt Rose (copyright The Halsway Manor Society).

Don’t forget that the full animation and my pop up studio, including some of my research and processes, will be on display during the final weekend of Somerset Open Studios at Halsway Manor from 27th October – 30thOctober 2018. I will also be holding a ‘Meet the Artist’ event on Saturday 29thOctober at 2pm when I will be discussing the project.