Uncovering a Landscape

It has been a little while since my last post but this isn’t down to me enjoying the spring sunshine. I have been researching local folklore and traditions and trying to place them in Halsways landscape. One of the difficulties with this is that, not only have some events been dramatically changed or forgotten over time, but the exact locations have also become a little foggy, not helped by a landscape that has changed over time.

I seem to spend a large amount of time looking at old maps and have taken to wandering, map in hand, across the Quantocks. However, I am inclined to boldly stride off in the completely wrong direction recounting various tales of local history leaving my Husband to match up landmarks and set me on the correct path!

This has led me to the feeling that I need to make it a little easier for other people to find these locations so I have created Halsways folklore landscape which I am sharing with you on the blog. All of the information  has been verified by more than one source and, where possible, by factual accounts. As I continue the research I will add photographs and more information. There will also be blog posts about some of the folklore that will explain in more detail why I am disputing some of the current versions of the stories.

If you want to add anything to the map please let me know. I am happy for the map to evolve. However, as I am trying to uncover the truth behind some of these stories I would be grateful for information about your sources.